Princess Tea Party

Ages 4-8
MAX time 120 minutes
Every little girl will love this magical princess party!

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Table of Contents

Party Schedule..........2
Menu Suggestions..........7
Party Tips..........10
To-Do Checklist..........11
Gift Log..........12
Decorations and Setting the Table..........14
Thank You Cards..........17

Party Schedule

There may or may not be time to do every activity on the schedule. Be flexible and omit activities as needed, it is always better to over-schedule. This plan includes two dress-up times, designed to allow the girls to wear two different outfits. For our parties, we had an assortment of dresses, boas, hats, jewelry, gloves, and bouquets, which were purchased from second-hand and party stores. If you don’t want to invest in a closet of dress-up clothes, simply purchase some accessories (tiaras/boas/fake jewelry) and substitute one dress-up session for a princess craft!

The music suggestions are to help set the mood of each activity. We suggest putting all the party music on a playlist or CD close within reach. Dress up as a fairy godmother to help create the princess mood!

5 min

Dress Up 2

16. Honor to Us All (Mulan)
17. Walking on Sunshine

Encourage the children to try out a different look this time!

5-8 min

Princess Coronation Parade

18. Living in the Country
19. Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid)

Birthday girl starts with the scepter (and cape if you have one). She parades around and the other children follow, playing follow the leader. Each child should get a turn being the princess so make their reign short.

5 min

Slipper Shuffle, then undress

22. Ballad pour Adeline
23. This Little Light of Mine

After the ball, Cinderella loses her shoe! Place all shoes in the center of the floor. Children stand with backs to the shoes. At the word “go,” they find their shoes and take them back to be packed away. Alternatively, (if using their own shoes), the first girl wearing her shoes wins a small prize!

10-12 min

4-5 Year Olds
-Musical stepping stones
-Good Morning Your Majesty
7-8 Year Olds
-Good Morning Your Majesty

24. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (Cinderella)
25. A Girl Worth Fighting For (Mulan)
26. Love is an Open Door (Frozen)

Instructions in the “Games” section. If your child doesn't love these games, we've provided four others for them to choose from!